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The Girl and the Clockwork Cat (Entangled Teen) - Nikki McCormack

Ack. The love triangle is completely unnecessary. The story could hold up quite easily without it. And I'm getting rather fed up with hearing about Ash's eyes. Yeah, they're amazing. I get it. They're also wondrous, beautiful, mesmerizing and every other fucking word in the thesaurus. 


The world building is a bit weak. It's supposed to be steampunk, but I need more than a few references to airships and a bit of clockwork gadgetry to make it come alive. And talking of clockwork; "...metal armor fully encased [the cat's] left back leg and shoulder,..." Hmm, I'm not quite sure how the shoulder thing works, but we then get, "The cat climbed onto her lap, placed a paw on either side of her neck, one warm and alive, the other chilly brass,..." Huh? Since when did it have a mechanical front leg? Am I missing something here?


And 'bollocks' is a fantastic word (I use it a lot). But it needs to be used properly or you just sound silly.