October #Bookadayuk - Day 17

Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English - H.W. Fowler, F.G. Fowler, John Bradbury Sykes


I’m currently at work, and as a former secretary old habits die hard and the nearest book to me will always be a dictionary. The copy I have on my desk is a very battered 1978 edition of The Pocket Oxford Dictionary. It lost the slip cover years ago and it’s got kitty teeth marks on one corner, thanks to my bonkers Burmese who had a thing about chewing books.

It has been with me through school, college, about twelve job changes, and six house moves including relocation to another country. (Luckily for me, it has UK and US variations of the spelling of certain words). And it is always the second* item I reach for whenever I’m unpacking my box for my latest desk move.

* The first being my coffee mug of course.