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In His Majesty's Service (Temeraire, #1-3) - Naomi Novik

The Napoleonic Wars with added dragons? What's not to like? Plus Lord Nelson survives the Battle of Trafalgar.


I picked this up as a Kindle deal ages ago and forgot all about it, but I'm now making up for lost time. (As ever, I'm very late to the party).


I've already raced through the first novel (His Majesty's Dragon) and am currently heading towards the end of book 2 (Throne of Jade). And depending on whether or not my library book turns up, I will be diving straight into Black Powder War when I'm done.


And I've just found out there are nine books in this series. Happy sigh.


Look what I'll be picking up from the library tonight

Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

Really looking forward to this one.

White-throated sparrow
White-throated sparrow

One of today's visitors to the garden. 

Finished it!

Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews

A different universe from the one Kate Daniels lives in, but just as interesting. Here, people have powers and the Families with the strongest powers are the ruling elite. They are rich and powerful and don't let anyone stand in their way.


Nevada Baylor has a unique power which she tries to keep hidden. She's far from rich and just wants to keep her loved ones safe.


Mad Rogan is a Prime. An incredibly rich and dangerous Prime who is used to getting his own way. He's also drop-dead gorgeous about as alpha as a man can get. 


This was a lot of fun. I loved the chemistry between Rogan and Nevada. And I'm sure the secondary characters and Nevada's family are going to be fleshed out in future books, which will probably make things very interesting. 


But I'm not sure who would win in a fight between Rogan and the Beast Lord. 

Live Long and Prosper...

Red Shirts - John Scalzi

... unless you're a lowly ensign wearing a red shirt, in which case RUN AWAY!!!


Ensign Andrew Dahl has just been assigned to the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union since the year 2456. It's a prestige posting, and Andrew is thrilled all the more to be assigned to the ship's Xenobiology laboratory.


Life couldn't be better…until Andrew begins to pick up on the fact that (1) every Away Mission involves some kind of lethal confrontation with alien forces, (2) the ship's captain, its chief science officer, and the handsome Lieutenant Kerensky always survive these confrontations, and (3) at least one low-ranked crew member is, sadly, always killed.


Not surprisingly, a great deal of energy below decks is expended on avoiding, at all costs, being assigned to an Away Mission. Then Andrew stumbles on information that completely transforms his and his colleagues' understanding of what the starship Intrepid really is…and offers them a crazy, high-risk chance to save their own lives.


So. Much. Fun.

Finished it!

A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #2) - Louise Penny

And I guessed whodunnit too.


But just a note to the eBook publishers... it's the Montreal CANADIENS not CANADIANS. 

It's been too long since I was in Three Pines

A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #2) - Louise Penny

CC de Poitiers is such a bitch! I can't wait for her to be murdered. And seeing as the first line of the novel tells me that's going to happen, I don't think it's a spoiler. 


A God in Ruins - Kate Atkinson

Just completely blown away by the ending of this book.



Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

Reading progress update: I've read 34 out of 480 pages.

A God in Ruins - Kate Atkinson

So why does my sidebar say this book is called Land in the Sun, the Story of West Africa, by Russell G Davis?


Sort of Sequel to Life After Life

A God in Ruins - Kate Atkinson

Not really a follow-on, and I don't think this one has the bizarre time-slips and rebirths, but it's more of a companion to the excellent Life After Life, and Teddy was one of my favorite characters in that book, so I'm looking forward to it. Just hope I haven't got the phantom margin scribbler to deal with. 

Finished it!

The Bull from the Sea (hardcover) - Mary Renault

Mary Renault is a great writer, but It doesn't alter the fact, Theseus is still a d-bag.

Reading progress update: I've read 204 out of 343 pages.

The Bull from the Sea (hardcover) - Mary Renault

Ugh. They're like a pair of lagered-up frat-boys. Heroes? Not in my book.


Please tell me Renault doesn't miss out the visit to the underworld where Pirithous doesn't come back and Theseus gets his backside welded to a rock. 


Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 343 pages.

The Bull from the Sea (hardcover) - Mary Renault

Run Hippolyta, run! You do not want to get involved with such an insufferable jerk.






Reading progress update: I've read 109 out of 343 pages.

The Bull from the Sea (hardcover) - Mary Renault

Look at meeee!


I am just so totes super-awsum. Men love me, women love me, but no one loves me more than I love me. Look at my gorgeous hair and my oh-so muscly body. 


As Shania Twain once said; that don't impress me much.





Dude, you had one job

The Bull from the Sea (hardcover) - Mary Renault

I seem to have been on a bit of a journey through Ancient Greece lately, and I picked this up at the library to read once I'm done with Orestes. 


The Bull From the Sea is the sequel to The King Must Die and picks up after Theseus defeats the Minotaur and returns to Athens. Except the silly sod 'forgets' to change the sails on his ship from black to white, meaning his father thinking him dead, promptly throws himself off a cliff. 



Yeah, he's an arse. 


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